Amsterdam is one of the most visited cities in Europe, a place popular for its museums, architecture, parks and night life. The Red District is a place visited by most of the tourists out of curiosity, because everyone has an opinion about this topic. The Red District is a neighborhood where sex-retaled activities take, such as strip clubs, sex shops and adult theatre. The best known red district is the one in Amsterdam: De Wallen. Amsterdam is also known for having the oldest stock exchange in the world, the city is one of great interest for the business community, many companies have their headquarters here.

Amsterdam hosts many events, some of them are related to art, music or theatre and others to sports or business. All in all, Amsterdam is a city worth visiting for the beautiful view, gardens, museums and many other reasons. One of the best Dutch experiences is to rent a bike and visit the city, stop where you want to stay longer. There are many places where you can rent a bike from and the prices start from 9 euros a day.

There are many events in Amsterdam, all year round, next you can find out more about the most popular ones:

Cinekid Festival

Between the 20th and 29th of October Amsterdam hosts the Cinekid Festival, an events that presents games, animation and television programmes for children of all ages. It takes place at de Balie and Pathé City.

International Documentary Film Festival

The International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam is the largest documentary film event in the world. It takes place at Pathé de Munt and Pathé Tuschinski, between the 18th and 28th of November. If you love documentaries, this is the place to be. The fee for the is 8.50 euros and you can buy the tickets online or on the spot.

Millionaire Fair Amsterdam

Between the 9th and the 13th of December you can enjoy the luxurious and charming items presented at the Millionaire Fair in Amsterdam. It takes place at the Amsterdam RAI and is one of the most popular events between the millionaires. Here you can find hand-made shoes, expensive jewellery and unique items.


Tangomagia is an annual event that takes place in December in Amsterdam. If you are a fan of tango you can participate at the workshops, view the amazing show and meet the dancers while drinking a tea. You can buy the package or choose just the workshops, it is just up to you.

Painting in the open air: Myth and Reality

If you are an art lover or you just want to find out more about Van Gogh and his work, the exposition “Painting in the open air: Myth and Reality” is for you. The Van Gogh museum hosts it and you can admire here most of Van Gogh’s painting.

Amsterdam is a busy city, with many tourists and beautiful places to visit. Is you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, it is wise to find a place to stay in advance.