An exciting, world-class city deserves an abundance of colourful celebrations and Madrid certainly lives up to this expectation with aplomb. As a city with a rich cultural history it seems fitting that the city celebrates in style with a range of festivals dotted throughout the year. It is impossible to name them all as it seems there is always something going on in this hotspot of diversity.

2 De Mayo

One of the biggest and best events is 2 de Mayo, an annual festivity which celebrates the uprising and consequent War of Independence against French Occupiers in 1808 and encompasses an array of significant marches, parades and musical events which all take place, as the name suggests, on the 2 May each year. The most extravagant displays take place in Plaza de 2 de Mayo in Malasaña and it seems the city is out in force to enjoy a melting pot of activity which also includes firework displays and sporting games.

San Isidro

Another major event which takes place is San Isidro, a month long celebration which begins on 15 May and honors the cities patron saint. The festival marks the start of the famous bullfighting season, attracting the best breeders and bullfighters. Traditional dancing and open-air concerts are commonplace and many people choose to dress up in traditional costumes, helping to make the festival a great spectacle of colour and variety.

Veranos de la Villa

Veranos de la Villa, held in the first week of August, introduces a cultural explosion of art exhibitions, concerts, operas and theatre and features an eclectic mix of rising stars and established performers, making it a diverse and fascinating summer celebration, usually seen at its best at Plaza España.<br>

La Paloma

One of the most significant religious festivals taking place is La Paloma, one of the capital`s most popular events which encompasses a portrait of the Virgen de la Paloma being draped in flowers and carried through the cities streets with pride by the local firemen. Held from the 6-15 August, the festival sees a huge turnout, despite it falling in prime holiday season when many citizens are away. Much dancing is undertaken and buckets of cold water are tossed out of windows to cool down hot revellers as the city gives way to a party atmosphere!

Festival de Otoño

Celebrating the start of autumn in style is the Festival de Otoño which lasts for a month and begins in the first week of October. Critically acclaimed, top artists flock to the city from all over the world to perform in a dazzling array of dance, music and theatre performances on a grand and glamorous scale. The main events take place at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, Teatro Madrid, the Círculo de Bellas Artes and Teatro Albéniz.

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