Bangkok Guide

Thailand is the most popular tourist destination in South-East Asia, and for a reason. Exotic, yet safe and largely hassle-free; cheap, yet equipped with every modern amenity you need, there is something for every interest and every price bracket, from beachfront backpacker bungalows to some of the best luxury hotels in the world. And despite the heavy flow of tourism, Thailand retains its quintessential Thainess, with a culture and history all its own and a carefree people famed for their smiles and their fun-seeking sanuk lifestyle.

Local Customs

Religion and monarchy is sacred to Thai. The King is considered 'Father of the People' and is held in high regard and his image can be seen everywhere. When visiting temples, you must be properly dressed; shorts and tank tops are not favoured. You will often be asked to remove your shoes before you step into the temple.


Bangkok can be hot and humid throughout the year with temperatures reaching 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). The coolest season is between November and February and April is generally the hottest month. The rainy season falls between June to October.


There is a 7% VAT for purchases in hotels and restaurants , supermarkets and department stores.


Electricity is supplied at 220 to 240 volts AC.


The local currency is Baht. One US dollar is approximately equal to 40 Baht.


Tipping is not customary but up to one's preference. Most restaurant and hotels will include a 10% service charge.

Time Zone

GMT + 7 hours Standard Time

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