London Areas

Areas in London

London, the capital city of the United Kingdom  is one of the world’s most visited locations. With an important history that extends along many years, graceful London has managed to be considered one of Europe’s most trendy cities. Classic mixed with high vintage fashion, chastity combined with rebel spirit; that is what you will find when walking through the different areas of London.

The Office for National Statistics defined London as a conurbation formed by the City of London and its 32 boroughs. The city is estimated to shelter more than 8 millions inhabitants on an area of 1,624 square kilometres. The city is divided into five main areas: Central, North, West, South and East London; each of them has different boroughs, forming what is called Greater London.

Central London

In the Central London area you can find the boroughs of Cheapside, Chinatown, City of London, and Covent Garden, St. James’s, Soho, Westminster and the Whitehall. This area represents the main centre of London, and the City of London is known to be the main financial district of the city.

When visiting the City of London, make sure you see all the churches that surround the area or take a moment to observe the buzz during lunch. You are going to catch a glimpse of the stressful and active life of London’s professionals who take a moment off their busy schedules to grab a bit to eat in one of the bars located in the area.

Soho is also a must while you are in the central area of London. Known as London’s most animated and cheerful area, Soho is a great place to go for good jazz music, vibrant clubs or typical British pubs. While you are in the area, you could have lunch or dinner in one of the many Chinese restaurants located nearby. However, English quality and entertainment don’t come cheap, so make sure your credit card is ready to experiment the joys and attraction of the Central zone of London.

North London

The North London area comprises the boroughs of Bloomsbury, Camden Town, Clerkenwell, Fitzrovia, Little Venice, Marylebone and Paddington.

Meaning "the spring where students gather", Clerkenwell is a beautiful zone in the north of London. This zone is known for being associated with international personalities like Shakespeare, Hogarth or Lenin, and has many sights.

Go with the flow and explore its streets where you will find historic houses and churches or old warehouses. While you are in the north area of London, you can have a sense of the frequently mentioned British attitude and visit Camden Town. The place that hosts one of London’s biggest markets and manages to attract its visitors by offering everything from good quality food to small bargains that bright up everyone’s day. When you feel like you’ve seen enough you can relax by starting a pleasant trip through the residential area of little Venice and enjoy the sights of high class Victorian villas.

West London

Known as one of the main attractions for those searching for fun and shopping, the west area of London includes eight main boroughs: Bayswater, Belgravia, Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, Nothing Hill and Pimlico.

The West End London is one of the areas that attract the highest number of tourists. By tempting them with high class villas and luxury boutiques, this area is known as one of London`s most expensive ones, where a property can sell for tens of millions of pounds. There is no better place in London to experience the life of the rich and the luxury behind one of the world`s wealthiest city. King`s Road is the main shopping area for those who want to indulge into high class shopping.

While walking on the streets of Nothing Hill and reliving Julia’s Roberts and Hugh Grant`s love story, make sure you pay real attention to what is going on around you. Prince William is known for spending time in the restaurants and cafes located here, so don't miss the chance to become England's future princess.

South London

The South area of London includes the the Bank side, Borough, Greenwich, Lambeth and Southwark. In this area you`ll have the chance to visit the Lambeth Palace. The area that was known for being the place where lambs used to land and is one of the most important buildings in London, and hosts the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury. The building is not open to the public, except on special and previously negotiated occasion, but you can freely visit the Archbishop's Park located nearby and step on the palace grounds. This area also shelters the Museum of Garden History, which previously was the St Mary-at-Lambeth Church.

Of course Greenwich is an area you can't miss in London. Traditionally known as the 0 meridian and as reference to the world's clocks, this borough attracts a lot of visitors every year. You can start a tour of the city at the Greenwich Gateway, where the employees from the Tourist Information Centre in Cutty Sark Gardens take care you receive all the information you need.

You can indulge into the British cuisine and pamper yourself with food and drinks in places that offer a traditional ambience at the Admiral Hardy or a contemporary chill at Time, both places being located in College Approach. After pampering your senses with high quality food, make sure you also renew your wardrobe because in The Central Market you are going to find plenty of vintage shops and clothing.

East London

The Eastern area of London includes three main boroughs: Canary Wharf, Docklands and Whitechapel. This area is located near the original Port of London and is known for its inhabitants, mainly immigrants and for being one of London's poorest areas. This area, which was previously used for industrial development, is being redeveloped now as part of the Thames Gateway, along with the London Riverside and the Lower Lea Valley, which is being arranged for the Olympics that will take place in 2012.

The Docklands area, now made redundant because the shipping was concentrated in Tilbury, will both amaze and surprise you with its architectural sight. The new working and living area that has been created was the centre of plenty of discussions, but that doesn't mean the zone isn't a beautiful one. Well known brands like TopShop and Gap have established their shops in the area, while the great number of bars, cafes and restaurants offer from the most traditional to the most sophisticated and high class food and drinks. For an interesting and new experience make sure you take a trip with the Docklands Light Railway. We will define this experience with three terms: no driver, rollercoaster and ultramodern.

Not only is London a great city to visit, but it is also a perfect one to live in. The city is home to people who all in all speak over 300 different languages. From Greeks that live in Camberwell to the Algerians from Finsbury Park, London seems to be the perfect place to live. London will definitely give you a very complete, detailed and, most of all, surprising picture of what contemporary lifestyle is like in the UK.




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