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Rome is to Italy what New York is to the United States of America: the city that never sleeps. Rome has maintained the custom of hosting special events and activities just as the Romans did in ancient times. If you’re planning on visiting Rome in the coming months, check out the following free events in Rome.


Gastronomy in Rome

Great food in Rome

Many things have been said about Italian people along the years. Men have seductive ways of stealing a woman’s heart, Rome is the most beautiful city in the world or that Italian people talk a lot. We are not sure if they are true or not, but we can state with certainty that Italian food is delicious.

Everyone knows that Italian pasta has a different flavour than any other pasta in the world. No matter how much American food chains will try to copy the recipe of the home made pizza, none is going to taste as good as the Italian one. So if you are visiting Rome any time soon, make sure to adopt a carbohydrates diet, or completely forget about diets because while you’re in Rome you eat what the Romans cook.


Areas in Rome

Beautiful areas in Rome

Caesar, betrayal, art, Italian spirit, history, and a city that learned from the Romans how to conquest everyone’s heart, this is part of what you’ll find by visiting Rome. All these are incredible things for a tourist, but the most important thing that Rome has is its capacity to surprise. Visiting Rome is a different experience for everyone because this city offers all its visitors a unique story, one they will never forget. Allow yourself an incursion into the Italian culture, and let Rome surprise you with its beauties.


Best of Rome in three days

Rome Colosseum

A three-day guide to Rome

Rome is a great city and deserves more than a short break to absorb its beauty; however this three-day stay guide, may give you some ideas on how to enjoy a special weekend in the Italian capital.

This guide can help you if you wish to visit some typical Roman sites but not only the most famous. This is what we did when visiting Rome for the third time.



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