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Beautiful areas in Rome

Caesar, betrayal, art, Italian spirit, history, and a city that learned from the Romans how to conquest everyone’s heart, this is part of what you’ll find by visiting Rome. All these are incredible things for a tourist, but the most important thing that Rome has is its capacity to surprise. Visiting Rome is a different experience for everyone because this city offers all its visitors a unique story, one they will never forget. Allow yourself an incursion into the Italian culture, and let Rome surprise you with its beauties.

Museums, churches, and restaurants are all around the city, and no matter where you look, you always have the chance of suddenly discovering a peculiar detail like a balcony covered by flowers and a cute stray cat climbing over it. Some say that this is what gives Rome its special colour and bright, and indeed it is hard not to be charmed by the beauty of its landscapes. In the following article, we will try to describe our point of view on the areas you should visit in Rome.

The Roman Forum

Everyone who has visited Rome states that all visits should start with the Roman Forum walk-through. If you ever wondered how Caesar felt when he was ruling the world, and establishing a path for the Roman civilization, than this walk could offer you a glimpse of his sensations. The Roman Forum is located between Palatino and Saint Giovanni in Laterano, and it used to be the main meeting point for the Roman Society. This zone also marks the place where all the strategic politics and economics where discussed, developed, and performed.

Once you have visited the Roman Forum, you will have the chance to discover the magnificent and imposing Coliseum. The ancient monument has been well guarded and maintained by the Italian people, so by taking a guided tour you will make a journey in time. This imaginary journey will include strong gladiators fighting to survive, Roman high society and beautiful women wearing togs.

Via dei Fori Imperiali and Venice Square

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of historic influence and information you’ve received after visiting the Coliseum, you can reach Venice Square by walking to the end of the Via dei Fori Imperiali. Here you will discover what a patriotic tribute to Italy means. While walking along the Via dei Fori Imperiali, you’ll have the chance to visit a Street that was previously known as Via Triumphale. Even though this street was built by the dictator Benito Mussolini, it is interesting as it integrates part of Rome’s ancient history. Archaeological discoveries dating from the Roman times were found here.

While you are here make sure you throw a coin and make a wish at the impressive Fontana di Trevi. Maybe one of the most emblematic symbols of Rome thanks to the classic film La dolce vita by Fellini, this monument is the largest baroque fountain in the world and an example of architectural beauty by the master Bernini.

Historic centre

After resting and having a strong Italian espresso coffee, you can leave the Quirinale area and enter more and more into the historic centre. Here you’ll literally run the risk of falling in love with the Navona Square, but don’t fall in love too soon, not until you visit one of the most quaint and impressive places dating back to the Renaissance, Campo dei Fiori. In this square you’ll have a glimpse of what a typical Italian market means by watching people buying and selling fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers and other items  to curious tourists or locals. While you do this you can also treat yourself with a creamy cappuccino and a pastry. Rome is charged with the Italian’s love spirit or maybe it’s the opposite way around: nobody knows why but in Rome there seems to be a special essence that makes people fall in love with life.


In the Trastevere area you’ll experience the bohemian part of Rome. This place has beautiful narrow streets that lead to dead end allies, small squares and really animated bars and restaurants. This was previously the old ghetto, but it is now known because it shelters young and talented artists. Rome is a city full of artistic buildings, monuments or paintings. This area will offer you the chance to get in touch with Rome’s modern art, and convince you the Italian people have artistic talent running into their blood.

The Vatican

Of course no visit to Rome will be complete without a day in the Vatican. The San Pietro Square will definitely take your breath, and we admit this is the place of Rome that stole our hearts. Don’t blame us because it is impossible not to fall in love with this perfect construction, a truly magnificent work of art. After you manage to leave the square we advise you to explore the surrounding quarter called Prati, a zone that mixes an elegant residential area and flawless streets that have a special aura of beauty during the summer.

We couldn’t end an article about Rome without mentioning something about the delicious Italian food, but more about that in a future article. We conclude by stating that Rome is a city of love. We advise you to visit it with your loved one, but if you don’t have one don’t worry, Rome has plenty of life to explore. You will meet interesting people from all over the world there or even locals since they are famous for being welcoming and particularly chatty. Experience the culture of an empire, walk on narrow streets, and relax in an Italian coffee shop, but make sure you cross everything on your travel schedule: time seems to have another dimension in Rome, it passes too quickly.




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